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The Finest in Museum Quality Japanese Samurai Arts, Armor and Antiques


Momoyama Period Battle Armor, 16th Century
Heavy russet iron eight plate kabuto and menpo, Kaga School, 18th Century

A full battle harness from Japan's period of intense feudal warfare

The lords of Kaga province were among the wealthiest in feudal Japan.  They attracted the best armorers to their domain, who in turn crafted a luxurious and idiosyncratic style to suit their clients’ refined tastes.  This matching kabuto (helmet) and menpo (battle mask) are hammered from heavy iron, left naked to display the smith’s skill, and adorned with fine soft metal decoration, including the imperial kiri (palownia) often awarded by the shogun for faithful or valorous service, and worked in gold and copper shakudo alloy on a ground of gilded leather.

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For sale museum quality Japanese Samurai Armor including Samurai Kabuto, Menpo, Yoroi, Katana, Tsuba, Uchidashi work, Artifacts, Bushido from Momoyama and Edo Period

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